20 Sep

Do you treat Stock Trading as your Business?

What I observed that, generally stock trading is treated as casually, as a hobby or pastime. Such attitude, often results in loss of trading capital and huge financial losses.

For having chances of maximum return in stock trading, it should be treated as a Business.

Strategy of trading to be built up and accordingly executed consistently for stock trading, like in any other business. Strategy also to be revised as per the timing and market trend.

As no free lunch in this world, so there is always Costs involved in trading say – overheads, variable Costs, fixed costs like in any other business.

The stock trader must have the clear understanding of what he is doing, what types of risks and costs are associated with the stock trading.

The stock trader should plan, monitor and review his trading strategy to have maximum profit like in any other business.

The stock trader just not invest his trading capital in stock trading but also invest his time, energy and Make number of efforts to execute his planned Strategy.

The profit and loss from stock trading should be Monitored and reviewed at a certain fixed number of Intervals like weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, every six Month and yearly like in any other business.

So, stock trader should treat the stock trading as a Regular Business activities and not to be taken casually.

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